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The original Gen1 XMODS, were introduced in 2003 with several tuner favorite bodies. The idea behind the XMODS was to have an affordable, easy to modify micro RC car. In fact, AtomicMods.com was started when Rob invented some upgrades for the XMODS that became very popular. The XMODS were a huge success and hundreds of thousands were sold through Radio Shack and other sources including AtomicMods.com. The 2nd version was the "Evo" platform which was released in 2005 and featured many improvements, especially the electronics. The final "Street" version was launched in 2008 and was similar to the "Evo". In 2010 the XMODs were officially discontinued by Radio Shack.

Rob has a special place in his heart for XMODS since this is the car that put us on the map and intends to support the platform as long as possible. We still have thousands replacement parts and upgrades in stock, and will continue making new ones as long as there is demand which seems like it will be some time yet as we still sell a lot of XMOD parts.

If you are looking to step up, the similar scale Mini-Z is the logical choice, and while it costs a bit more, is a much more precise car with many upgrades available.

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AtomicMods 18GARW SuperFlex 18 Wire - 1' Red / 1' Black